Paperless Document Management

Entire rooms filled with paper files are becoming a thing of the past as companies discover the convenience and cost savings of digital document management. A paperless office might still be a dream for your organization, but NetAdmins can help make it a reality. You’ll never again root through mounds of paperwork. Instead your documents are saved inside a powerful and flexible management platform. It’s easy to maintain and easy to search.

NetAdmins not only provides the technology and infrastructure to go paperless, we also help you establish new business practices to adapt. We carefully analyze your business and recommend best practices for paper use and flow.

You’ll conserve time and materials and drastically reduce your company’s environmental footprint.

Not ready to go 100% paperless? We’re happy to help you get part of the way there.
Contact Us to learn more or to take the first step toward a paperless office in Atlantic Canada.

Features & Benefits of NetAdmins’ electronic document management system:
  • Powerful search.
  • Email, PDF and MS Office document storage.
  • Unalterable document format.
  • Fast and simple digital sign-off or approval.
  • Documents are accessible at multiple workstations, anywhere in the office.
  • Meet archiving and compliancy needs.
  • Emulate paper filing without costly labour.
  • Drastically reduce printing and paper costs.
  • Reduce environmental impact